The Popularity of a Lucky Cat Charm

The Popularity of a Lucky Cat Charm

For centuries, the Japanese have relied on luck to bring forth success in their lives. With the increasing global popularity of Japanese culture and traditions, more people are now turning to traditional symbols for good luck - such as a Lucky Cat Charm! A lucky cat is seen throughout Japan bringing finding fortune in everyday life as well as being a popular decorative item. In this blog post, we will be discussing why the Lucky Cat Charm has earned its spot among many women’s list of favourite talismans and how you can utilize it yourself to access some much-needed good fortune!


Introducing the Maneki Neko - a traditional Japanese “lucky cat” charm

The Maneki Neko is a traditional Japanese charm of a calico cat with its paw raised, the beckoning cat to bring good luck and prosperity. According to legend, it was first seen in the 1700s Tokyo when a kind monk found a stray cat outside his temple who had raised its paw to him - experiencing an abundance of fortune once he took it in. This amusing story spread throughout Japan and now these lucky cats can be seen everywhere as symbols of hope and good fortune. Images of the Maneki Neko are often used to attract customers by waving them into business establishments by putting them in the entrance of stores and restaurants; it has even become one of the most popular symbols amongst Japanese gamblers as well!


An overview of the symbol and its origins in Japanese culture

Popularly known as the lucky cat charm, maneki-neko is a common fixture in Japanese culture. In the past, they were commonly seen adorning the entrances to businesses but have since extended to all aspects of life, especially as a signifier of good luck. Its widespread presence has become deeply ingrained in Japanese culture and is often said to bring fortune and luck to those who possess it. At their core, maneki-neko are said to bring happiness, prosperity and good fortune through their welcoming and beckoning gestures. This symbol of luckiness has been passed down through generations of Japanese people and still stands strong today as an inseparable part of the country's culture.


Ways to incorporate the Maneki Neko into your home decor

With its iconic raised paw, the Maneki Neko is an instantly recognizable lucky cat charm from Japan. These days, you don't have to travel across the world to add this piece of Japanese culture to your home decor. From subtle additions like prints hung on walls and lucky cat sculptures atop shelves, to bolder statuettes in entryways or a gold metal charm on a bracelet or necklace to wear, you can bring a little piece of Japanese charm into any space with a Maneki Neko. Not only do these symbols of luck add warmth and character to any room, they also make for unique conversation pieces when friends and family come over!


Understanding the different colors of the lucky cats and their respective meanings

The lucky cat charm has been popular for centuries, and its various colors each have their own meaning. Red denotes passion and love, yellow is associated with courage and hope, while pink stands for luck in the relationship area of your life. Green signifies good health and a long life, while white often represents peace, innocence and purity. Blue is symbolic of protection from harm or bad luck. No matter which color you end up choosing, you'll be happy to know that these charming little statuettes bring amazing fortune wherever they go!


The history behind its modern popularity, including its emergence in pop culture

The lucky cat charm is an iconic symbol with a long history and origins dating all the way back to Japanese Buddhism. This charm also happens to be strongly associated with modern Japanese pop culture, which has been a major factor in its recent rise in popularity. This charm began as a representation of wisdom and good luck, though it has since become beloved in anime, manga, music and other forms of media. It’s so widespread that you can now find these items everywhere from clothes stores to souvenir shops in Japan and beyond. Through its increasing presence in popular culture, the lucky cat charm continues to capture people's imaginations and bring them luck!


Creative ideas for using a Maneki Neko to bring luck into your life

If you are looking to bring good luck into your life, why not try using a Maneki Neko also known as a beckoning cat? These traditional Japanese lucky cat charms are believed to bring good fortune and increase your wealth. To really make the most of this charm, consider taking some creative steps to incorporate it into your daily routine. Place it somewhere where it will be visible, such as on a bookshelf or in the corner of your kitchen. Carry a pocket-sized version or have a fabric keychain charm hanging on your keys. You can even hang one up in the car to ward off any bad luck while you’re out and about!



The Maneki Neko is an intriguing symbol steeped in centuries of Japanese culture. Its title of the “Welcoming Cat” is amply justified, as it is designed to bring good luck, health, and fortune into one’s home. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing due to its vast array of colors, but each color also carries a special meaning and can be found with additional symbolic imagery to suit your personal preference. It comes as no surprise that the modern popularity of the Maneki Neko has spilled into pop culture and media, being featured in popular films, video games, and more. As such, incorporating this lucky charm into your home decor or as a personal accessory has never been easier - and comes equipped with a history rife with luck and prosperity. Now that you know all about the Maneki Neko and its grand connotations, why not welcome some cat-uxury luck into your life? If you’re ready for a change in fortunes - or just for something unique for decoration - delve into's collection and purchase your lucky cat charn today!

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