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Witch's Hat and Broom Charm

Witch's Hat and Broom Charm

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Sweep into a world of mystique and enchantment with our Witch's Hat and Broom Charm! A perfect blend of whimsy and a nod to the occult, this charming piece is a delightful addition to your charm collection, especially as the chill of autumn wind begins to whisper of Halloween's approach.

The charm features a quintessential pointed witch’s hat, paired with a classic broom - symbols often associated with magic, mystery, and female empowerment. The craftsmanship ensures each detail is thoughtfully carved, allowing the charm to catch the light and cast its own little spell upon your charm bracelet or necklace.

This charm is not only a nod to the spookiest time of year but also serves as a little emblem of empowerment and the mystical. It’s a perfect piece for those who find a piece of their spirit in the mysterious lore of witches and their enchanting world.

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How long is shipping ?

Our shipping takes 3 to7 business days for your charm to arrive.

Will this fit my Major brand bracelet?

Yes this fits all major brands.

14 day Moneyback gurantee?

If you dont like your charm within the first 14 days of recieving the charm, you can send it back to our HQ for a full refund.

Are your products great quality?

Yes we have an excellent track record of perfomance with our charms.